Why our server?

Custom NPC Spawning

We have a Custom NPC Spawning Script! No more having admins spawn in NPC's!!

Apocalyptic TV Shows & Movies

We have characters from different Apocalyptic TV Shows & Movies!

Care Package

We have a Care Package system! Get even better weapons from collecting the Care Package!


We have a leveling system! Level up, gain skill points and spend them! It can grant you many abilities! Doing quests also helps you level up!


Ever get bored when there is no players online? Not anymore! We now have quests for you to do with a complete storyline!


We have Skills! After you level up, claim your skill points for some cool ablities!

Our Partnered Communities

Partnered Communities of ApocalypseRP


Here are the servers that we offer

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The ApocalypseRP Server

ApocalypseRP Discord Sever

Join our discord to chat with the server's staff team!